Thursday, July 6, 2017

Jack and Cindi's New Home

I'm rating this blog post PG-13 - parental discretion advised. Adult themes - nothing graphic, only implied.

After dating for over a year, Jack and Cindi felt it was time to take their relationship to the next level and move in together. Since neither of them wanted to move into the other's place, they decided to buy a condo that would be theirs. Jack has just finished giving Cindi the grand tour of the latest unit he found...

Looks like Cindi can't wait to move in with Jack. I know they'll have many happy days and nights in their new place. They may eventually get married somewhere down the road. For now, they're happy to be together in their own home. :-)

I got this modern kitchen for my birthday from Marianne and her mom. I've had my eye on it for quite some time, and I was really thrilled when I got it. It was too modern for Grace's cabin, so I thought it would be perfect for Jack and Cindi's new condo. :-)

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Grace's Cabin

Grace has finally moved into her new cabin. Although she lost out on the one by the lake, she got an even better home along the river. Her sister Katherine came by for a visit now that Grace was pretty much settled.

Grace is loving her new home, although it sounds like there's a kitchen remodel in her future. I'm sure her brother-in-law Randy will give her a good discount as well as top notch work. He has an excellent reputation in Moreville as a builder and general contractor and is always in high demand. Though he's booked solid for several months, I'm sure he'll find the time to do the job for her. :-)

Monday, March 13, 2017

A Break From The House Hunt

After a busy morning of house hunting, Katherine and her sister Grace stopped in to Java Jane's for a couple of cappuccinos. Grace had been living in Paris for the last several years and couldn't believe how Moreville had changed since she'd been gone.

Welcome to Moreville Grace. We're all very happy you're here. :-)

Monday, January 30, 2017

A Good Start to 2017

Happy New Year everyone! The holidays are over, the decorations are put away and all my company has left. A great time was had by all. Now that things are quiet again, I sat down and made some more doll clothes. I also want to introduce you to the newest residents who moved in over the past couple of months.

Here is Arty's brother Cameron showing off the new sweater he got for Christmas.

Since Jack is a big Pittsburgh Steelers fan, I thought I would make him a sweater with the team colors. Unfortuneatly, it turned out to be too big and bulky for him.

Cameron's old high school buddy Jerry is also a Steelers fan, so he claimed the sweater for himself. It's still a little bulky, but it fits him better. He's the Color Infusion Kieron Morel doll.

Cindi got a tee shirt for herself.

Holly moved to Moreville in late November and promptly claimed this dress for herself. She's one of the 2017 Holiday Barbies.

This is Grace in her new sweater. She arrived in early December.

Maya arrived three weeks ago. Looks like the blue sparkle sweater is everyone's favorite.

Beverly arrived on Christmas day. Deb wants her dress. LOL

Speaking of Deb, here she is in her new form-fitting sweater dress. 

I hope and pray that 2017 is a healthy, prosperous and wonderful year for all of you. :-)